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Posters | Musculo-fascial chains
Muscle and Ligament chains
  • Language: english
  • Compiler: Gleb Kirdoglo
  • Course: for all levels
  • Set: 10 posters
  • Size: 16,5x11,8 inch (42х30 sm)
  • Paper: glossy, density 300 g/cm.cub.

Simple, precise, detailed, visual, vivid diagrams - a convenient propmt for a kinesiologist.

A set of 10 posters in a convenient landscape format:

  • all muscle chains are indicated in detail;
  • ligament chains and ligament association schemes are indicated in detail;
  • indicator muscles in each of the chains are marked;
  • individual regions are described in detail (for example, the muscles of the rotator cuff of the shoulder).

They help to orient when working with patients.
With the help of these posters, you can clearly explain the relationships and principles that you are working on.

! Available in print only! (development of UAPK)
The edition is available in English and delivered throughout USA

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